Project: Seymour Civil Engineering



Seymour Civil Engineering required the creation of a brand identity for their new Skills Academy. It’s a specialist training centre providing a wide range of accredited and bespoke construction and civil engineering plant training to meet the needs of companies and individuals alike.



We created and supplied marketing collateral, as well as apparel and workwear in order to set the new Skills Academy up with a smart look, that gives off the specialist and bespoke image.

The concept here focuses on the word “higher” with a nod to the HCFE partnership. It builds on the unique civil engineering experience students will have.

Example headlines:
Setting your sights higher
Taking your skills higher
Lifting your skills higher
Building your confidence higher
Driving your skills higher

The logo here is set in a bold, grid formation, emulating the idea of building blocks. This defines the Seymour brand but allows the text “Skills Academy” to be prominent. The existing illustrations, now coloured slightly different, are used and developed further to introduce more “hero” activities that students can get involved with.

Seymour engineering
Seymour engineering
Seymour engineering
Seymour engineering

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