Be The Difference

Our ongoing objective is simple: To make such a significant and positive difference to your business that we become your most-valued partner.

We will deliver outstanding work, time and time again, despite the inevitable challenges, with as little sweat from you as possible.  We want you to feel like we are your marketing team, or an extension of it, and trust us to deliver.  Each time, every time.

Authentic Client Relationships

We build long-term, genuine relationships with our clients, because we’re “people, people”.  We get to know person behind the professional.  We’re transparent and straight talking.  We can talk about “blue-sky thinking” and “pitch decks” but prefer “ideas” and “presentations”!

Beautifully Brilliant Creative 

Yes it sounds like trumpet blowing, but it’s true. We are ridiculously proud of our ability deliver jaw-droppingly creative campaigns that deliver real results.

We are as good as any big city agency, without buffalo milk frappelatteccinos and the price tag.

Excellence in Delivery

We’ve give it everything we’ve got. Every client. Every project. Every time.

Our repertoire of experience, skills and personal attributes mean you get a team of seasoned experts ready, willing and able to get the job done.

There may well be challenges, barriers, hiccups and problems.

We’ve been doing this long enough to have encountered most of them. Getting through them can’t be found on Google. It’s an attitude. A way of working and a bloody minded will to the work necessary to get the results.

The Emmerson Marketing difference is we thrive on this challenge and make it ours, not yours.

Meet the team to check out our credentials.