Project: Be an Angel



Established fashion retail emporium Psyche were looking for a crisp seasonal Christmas campaign to encourage high street footfall during the festive season, when shoppers are most active.



We created and designed a smart and clean Christmas campaign for Psyche that stood out on the high street in the form of outdoor media such as bus shelter and 48 sheet billboard posters. This was supplemented with regular social media content, in addition to banners and profile pictures.

This concept encourages people to imagine how they’ll feel when they give a
gift from Psyche. It uses black and gold fashion images with a distinctive feel,
combined with an overlay of the angel wings to create a bold, memorable image
for the campaign that the target audience can identify with.

The use of the angel heads the campaign with it being synonymous with Christmas, alongside words such as triumphant and joy, which invoke a similar response

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