Project: One Great Day



One Great Day strived for the creation of a new brand identity – including logo, strapline, and all other brand assets – for a leading UK charity that supports Great Ormond Street Hospital and other local children’s charities close to the heart of each community.



We subsequently designed and built the One Great Day website, plus continue to support the brand with all of it’s on and offline marketing activity.

Taking a felt-pen, childlike typeface creates an element of fun and playfulness. This simple contemporary font is combined with a family of quirky character “monster“ illustrations. These help to show the family feel of the day, the fun and quirky nature of each event and to add personality and humour to the day.



Since its launch in 2014, One Great Day has raised over £500,000 for more than 110 different children’s health charities across the country and continues to go from strength-to-strength.

one great day
one great da
one great day

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