Project: Goal Difference



Goal Difference is a whole school approach to teaching and learning in PE, where values such as teamwork, self-belief and resilience are taught explicitly through sport, football and play. The programme explores these life values practically, helping children to recognise and transfer them to other lessons, to life in school and to their wider environment at home.



We’re delighted to have worked with North Riding FA to develop its brand-new ‘Goal Difference’ programme, which uses the key disciplines of Football to develop children’s fundamental movement skills, teamwork and social skills and their confidence in sharing ideas with others, whilst encouraging them to be physically active.

The programme collaborates with schools to introduce a number of ‘attitudes’ – Resilience, Teamwork, Self-Belief, Leadership, Respect & Wellbeing -that are believed to contribute to the development of positive mental wellbeing in a child’s formative years, as well as improved academic performance.


We designed the marketing collateral to promote the scheme, including a brochure and digital assets, in order to compliment and amplify their new, friendly brand presentation.

North Riding FA
North Riding FA
North Riding FA

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