Project: NorthallertON Your Doorstep



Northallerton BID were seeking the development of a new marketing campaign to promote Northallerton as a destination for shopping, leisure, tourism, nightlife and so much more.



The concept positions Northallerton as a visitor destination for people living in ‘day trip’ or commuting distance of the area, plus a place of local pride where residents choose to spend their pound.

We’re reminding people in Teesside, York, as well as the local population about all the things that you can do in Northallerton… from shopping trips to family-focussed events, vibrant nightlife to business opportunities – and everything in between. All on your doorstep.

Our design consists of a strong typographic element based on the word ‘Northallerton’, with the last two letters forming part of a short run-on sentence beginning with the word ‘on’ that describes something you can do, see, and be part of in the town. This is all set against a vibrant, bright, image that reflects aspects of Northallerton – events, lifestyle, businesses and people.

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