Project: See Things Differently



Despite its reputation and substantial brand equity it has built over the years, Barnardo’s still experiences the same commissioning challenges as every other organisation in the country.

Barnardo’s North East approached us to help them conceive and develop a campaign, which is targeted at health professionals and clinical commissioning groups. It had to:

  • Highlight the range of work that Barnardo’s does across the region, surrounding homelessness, drugs, sexual abuse, disability, mental health and emotional well-being
  • Highlight the difference that Barnardo’s makes to the well-being and health of young people across the North East
  • Position Barnardo’s as a reliable partner for healthcare professionals in helping individuals that need specialist support beyond what they can offer
  • Emphasise the commercial benefits of choosing Barnardo’s as an extension of their team
  • Ultimately lead to health care professionals commissioning Barnardo’s work (as opposed to signposting young people to/working with other organisations)



We conceived an online campaign that included real accounts from young people whose lives have been turned around with the help of Barnardo’s. This was led by a striking and emotive video which was ‘peppered’ with a few hard facts and figures to highlight that, as well as achieving positive personal outcomes for individuals, there are commercial benefits for organisations that work with Barnardo’s as well.

We included testimonials from health professionals who have referred young people to Barnardo’s with positive results and interviews with Barnardo’s staff talking about cases they are encountering more of amongst young people and warning signs for GP’s and other health professionals.


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